SAP (BW/BI) Online Training by real time experts at acutesoft

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SAP (BW/BI) Online Training by real time experts at acutesoft
The SAP (BW/BI) System is an enterprise-wide information hub, which allows you to analyse data from R/3 and non-R/3 application and present it in an Excel-Based user interface.
Components Administrator Workbench
The Administrator Workbench is the tool for controlling, monitoring and maintaining all of the processes connected with data staging and processing in the SAP (BW/BI) System.
Business Explorer (BEx)
The Business Explorer is the reporting tool for the Business Information Warehouse and consists of
Business Explorer Analyser
Business Explorer Browser
Data Handling In The SAP (R/3) Source Systems
Data that logically belongs together is stored in the SAP (R/3) Source System in the form of DataSources.
A DataSource contains a number of fields in a flat structure used to transfer data into SAP (BW/BI) System.
A DataSource is an object that, at the request of SAP (BW/BI) System, makes data available in one of its predetermined structures.
Highlights AcuteSoft :
AcuteSoft solutions (AS) abide cosmopolitan reciprocative attainments company evoked by proven commerce proficient with an objective of bestow Training in the latest IT Technologies.
AcuteSoft with a pool of Expert Trainers around the globe on all the technologies to train.
Acutesofts offer online Training services for corporates and to individual educator globally.
Acutesoft Trainers have excellent Real Time Experience to provide Online Training.
Acutesoft Provide:
** Highly Affordable Courses
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** Customized Curriculum
a. Resume Preparation
b. Certification Guidance
c. Interview assistance
** Job assistance after training(Only for US visa holders)
Experience the Quality of our Training
Contact : Santhosh / Lakshmi:
INDIA: + 91-7702226149, + 91-9848346149
Land line: 040 – 42627705
US : +1 973-619-0109
Land line: +1 312-235-6527
UK : +44 203 290 4899
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