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d in 2010 in India, Pune, by an internationally renowned Tarot Card Reader Becky.
Becky was popular in the USA for applying her expertise on behalf of prominent people in government, media industry, global business tycoons and entertainment.
Becky established KISMET ­ The Tarot Bay to bring affordable, real time, state­of­the­art paranormal expertise to clients who were not blessed with unlimited funds.
What Kismet Is Popular For?

80 percent of our business is done with repeat esteemed customers.Only 8 percent of our customers are not happy with us.
Kismet’s Mission and Vision is to improve the lives of our clients. We work for you. You make us look Good.
We have plenty of case studies from clients in over 20 countries whose lives have significantly benefited from our paranormal efforts.
We regularly offer our clients special offers and discounts.
The Unseen –

There are unseen forces in this universe that play a significant role in our lives, and some people have the “gift” that allows them to have closer contact and interaction with them. We Specialise in Trapping Spiritual Energy and Redirecting It in Your Behalf.
Over years “Kismet” has helped people achieve goals in all aspects of life. Be it career advancement or more monies in your bank account. From mending broken relations with loved ones to seeking the return of a lost love.
And just as you would look for a doctor if you had a fever, or an Lawyer if you had a legal emergency, you can now ask a gifted Reader to apply her paranormal expertise in your behalf.
Finding Happiness For You.

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